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Who is eligible for the Maternity Home Tax Credit?

Missouri State 50% tax credits are available to any Missouri taxpayer, whether an individual, corporation, firm or a shareholder in an S corporation doing business in the state of Missouri and subject to Missouri state income tax.

What are the deadlines to submit a tax credit application/ claim a tax credit?

Any tax credit application must be received by the Missouri Department of Social Services within one (1) year of the donation. Once the tax credit has been processed and issued, any portion of the tax credit not used in the year that the donation was made is subject to carry forward to the next succeeding four (4) taxable years if the donation was made prior to August 28, 2018. All donations made on or after August 28, 2018, can only be carried forward one year. All tax credits are non-transferable.

What type of donations are tax credit eligible?

The Maternity Home Tax Credit was expanded, effective January 1, 2001 to include not only cash donations, but stocks, bonds, other marketable securities or real property (generally, land and any permanent improvements thereon). Since Queen of Peace Center has no facilities to deal with real property and improvements, it is not accepting contributions of real property without prior approval of its Board of Directors regarding valuation and disposition.

What is the minimum charitable contribution to be eligible for a tax credit?

The minimum allowable cash contribution is $500 and the maximum allowable contribution per taxable year is $100,000, resulting in a direct credit against Missouri state income taxes due in the year donated of $250 and $50,000 respectively.

Can I claim this as a charitable tax deduction?

The taxpayer must reduce their charitable deduction by the amount of any state or local tax credit the taxpayer receives or expects to receive for federal tax purposes. For more information about this please visit this link from the IRS.

Steps to Claim a Maternity Home Tax Credit:

  1. Make an eligible donation. See above for what qualifies as a Maternity Home Tax Credit eligible donation.
  2. Queen of Peace Center will send you a tax credit application. Fill out the highlighted sections and send the application and receipt back to Queen of Peace Center using this address:
    Queen of Peace Center
    Attn: Development
    325 N. Newstead
    St. Louis, MO 63108
  1. We will complete the application and send it to the Missouri Department of Social Services.
  2. The Missouri Department of Social Services will then review the application. Upon approval, the taxpayer will receive a Certificate of Tax Credit with instructions on how to claim the credit during tax season.


Queen of Peace Center (QOPC) is qualified to receive donations during State Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018- June 30, 2019) under the Maternity Home Tax Credit.

The Missouri Department of Social Services allocates Queen of Peace Center a limited amount of tax credits available to our donors to use. Because our tax credit allocation is finite, please contact us to determine tax credit availability. QOPC does not automatically send tax credit applications to donors unless they have contacted us to reserve tax credits in advance. Tax credit applications are issued on a first come, first served basis.

For more information about the Maternity Home Tax Credit Program, please see the Missouri Department of Social Services Website here.

If you have any questions about tax credit eligible donations to Queen of Peace Center, please contact Emma Welsh at or call 314-531-0511 ext. 147.

***Queen of Peace Center raised the charitable contribution amount that is eligible to receive a Maternity Home Tax Credit application to $500 on September 14, 2018. All tax credits sent out prior will be honored at the previous standard for charitable contributions.***

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